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  • dailyglamorous:

    ***Don’t delete the text it won’t show up on your blog ! ***

    Finally here is the ONLY original named Victoria’s Secret network which is created with victoriassecret-network URL.Who doesn’t want to be a part of it ?..

    How to be an angel in this fab network ? ;

    - Must be following dailyglamorous.

    - Reblog this post  / Likes only for bookmarking !

    - For a better chance make a post telling me about  why do you deserve to be an angel in the network and tag it “victoriassecretnetwork" But you still have to reblog this post.

    - Your blog have to has any kind of post style with a good theme .

    -  You’ll choose the angel that you want to be in the network after you choosen.

    - Winners will be messaged by me when this post reach a good amount of notes!

    Perks ;

    - You can gain a lot of  followers with the group promos.

    - You’ll have a group of fab friends.

    - Voting,html etc. helps for sure !

    - As a member of the group you can make any kind of posts in the network’s dashboard and chat with the other members for all day long ! That’s why I love networks !


    I’m so excited for this network cause I had a tons of messages for it have to be active again.They even offered me money for this URL..Anyway I can’t wait to enjoy the network !


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